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The Scary Stylish Gothic Style of Lace and Skull Gloves

If you're looking for Gothic fashion gloves, look no further than the popular line of skull gloves that Christian Audigier has designed. With designs that take a cross through the entire glove, these gloves are a head turner. These gloves are not only made of high quality leather, but they're also covered in lace and studded with precious gemstones. There is even a limited edition of skull gloves called the Hellsing gloves which have a witch-style dress with a hooded top and red hair. Gothic gloves are sure to make any women feel pretty and sexy, while looking great as well.

skull lace gloves

If you're looking for Gothic laces, there are plenty of options available to you. One of my favorites is the skull lace gloves that feature a pair of blood-red lace gloves with a small heart on the front of the lace. The lace gloves themselves have pink lace, and a cute little bow tied at the back of the pink lace gloves. To finish off this beautiful Gothic style, the pink laced gloves are adorned with a bone claw that is really neat and adds a lot of character to the overall look. You'll absolutely love the way that these cute little pieces of lace look, and you're sure to fall in love with how they make you look as well!


skull glovesIf you don't like the idea of a long Gothic gloves, you might want to try a pair of skull Halloween boots. Made from heavy-duty leather with a rubberized bottom, the boots feature a black lace and are perfect for any goth girl's wardrobe. The black lace is complemented by the black and pink fur collar that features a skull design that is accentuated by the boots' pink fur. You can wear these sexy boots with almost anything, from your basic black jeans and jacket, to your red dresses and t-shirts. You'll love the way that these Gothic gloves make you look so much sexier and more frightening, all at the same time!


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