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Gothic Skull Bags

Gothic bags, as the name implies, are very much inspired by the Gothic culture and art. The Gothic skull cross body shoulder bag, for instance, is designed with the Gothic crosses (symbolizing death) and skull images (depiction of the skeleton) that are characteristic of the Gothic culture. Gothic handbag designs usually include a skull with a crow's feet around its face. Gothic women handbag rivet neck crossbody bags are also very famous among Gothic women.

skull and gothic bags handbags


Gothic women bags come in various shapes and sizes. They are made of different types of materials like leather, canvas, suede, denim, velvet, silk, and other fabrics. Some of these purses have long shoulder straps made of leather or suede while others are crafted from other fabrics. You can find Gothic women handbag in a wide variety of colors like black, brown, dark blue, red, and green. The most popular colors are black and red, which are used to complement any outfit. For goth girls, the color black is symbolic as it's their favorite color and symbolizes death, darkness, and evil.

skull and gothic bags

Some skull bags have graphic images on them like crossbones, bats, roses, pentagrams, and skulls. Gothic women often display these graphic symbols with the intention of making a statement about themselves. But not all of them display these graphics because some of them are meant to be kept private. Gothic women love decorative accessories and skull bags are no exception. In short, if you want to add that Gothic style to your wardrobe, consider buying yourself a skull Gothic bag.


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