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Bikers wear a great deal of things that are different, but lots of people consider skulls when they think of biker decorations. Bikers do have other things, stickers, jewelry, and skull patches on their bicycles and on their riding equipment. But why do they do so? And what started the skull theme?

Nobody is sure what got bikers to begin wearing skulls. Some credit of associating skulls, the tradition together with being a part of the brotherhood of soldiers and with the army. Some people today say the skull has been used as a sign of rebellion. Another reason might have to do with the skull is connected with death and things people consider scary or bad. A few Bikers, like to communicate the notion that they're people that are frightening, so that is why they add skulls to their riding equipment and clothing together to give that picture of them.

The simple fact remains that their skull decorations are loved by a few bikers. They attempt to add skulls to each part of the bike and their equipment to give an unified theme to them. You'll discover some are designed to appear cartoonish and funny, and some skull patches, some skulls made to look creepy and decals for lady riders which contain the skull with roses. It all depends on what you're looking for.

Symbolism has been around, way before the motorcycle. It has been seen in paintings, referenced in texts, and anthropologists have discovered tribes using skulls. The skull and crossbones emblem is now accepted as indication of risk for substances. It has also been used to signify bands of pirates and pillagers. The skull is one of the earliest and most symbols of man. It's a long and varied history of use with interpretations. It is regarded as a representation of death and mortality.

Some bikers do not wear them and do not like skulls, and that is fine. It all depends on your personality. Why bikers wear skulls nobody really knows, but it is not a mandate that you do. Although, it has been put by as some bikers, wearing skulls looks much cooler than wearing stains on them with rainbows and puppies!

The Nazi SS integrated the skull guards fear now, at a symbol that still invokes. The skull and crossbones emblem was put as a reminder of danger on bottles of poison. And of course it was flown as pirates' flag, and was as a sight as any on the high seas. Today it is utilized in horror books, horror movies, and houses to create sense or an environment of trepidation and dread.

The Sugar Skull is one of the main symbols or images seen during the Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico. They're known as "sugar skulls" since the authentic sugar skulls were created from clay molded sugar. The title of the departed placed on the gravestone in remembrance and is added to the sugar skull's brow. Flowers Symbols are symbolically significant part day of the dead. Flowers are incorporated by skulls, and this symbol has a meaning of its own. The flower is In belief that the marigold was sacred their god of the dead, to Mictlantecuhtli. In accordance with belief, family and friends' spirits return on the day of the dead to earth, and it's considered marigold's scent can help to direct them back.

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Flowers are usually integrated into Dia de los Muertos skull designs. This mixing of the skull with flowers, while contradictory, embodies the spirit of this holiday, which isn't just to overcome the fear of death, but also to remember the dead and celebrate life.

Skulls were powerful symbols in the Spanish and Mexican Aztec civilization from the Middle Ages. In Spain, skulls were used to indicate the entrance. Across Europe, in actuality cemeteries didn't have space to keep people buried. People were buried after which their bones were placed in an ossuary, and their skeletons were dug up again. It is still possible to see with cathedrals in Europe that have crypts filled with bones and skulls. Like many civilizations, in civilization, the head was thought to be a source of energy and power. To be able to make sure that the sun would continue to rise the Aztecs are recorded to have made sacrifices to the gods. The remains of these victims were kept as relics - bones and skulls were bleached, painted and put on display. Skulls were part of Aztec and Spanish beliefs about the afterlife and death. The custom of decorating altars and skulls seems to have come purely from heritage, as do the warrior figurines.

In Mexico, the Aztec culture believed life in the world to be something of an illusion; passing was a positive step forward into a greater level of consciousness. Skulls were a symbol, not only of death but also of rebirth.

The skull in one form or another has long been used in the army, and has probably been used in biker culture so long as there have been bikers. There's some overlap between scenarios and this . It is clear that the skull and crossbones from flags has been an influence on logo design.

Certainly the skull has no lack of symbolic interpretations, and the examples given here are just a number of them. Underlying them all is the most frequent use for a sign of our mortality of it. As the skull reminds us that not only do none of us live forever, but that all our lives is that much more important. There is crowned by a wreath of roses A skull known as a 'carpe diem', a reference by Horace, which is translated as 'seize the day.' For Horace, mindfulness of our own mortality is crucial in making us realize the value of the moment: Remember that you're mortal, so seize the day.

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