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No wonder, skull clothes and add-ons have emerged as medium to make a powerful fashion statement. They have arrived in the mainstream world of fashion and so are no longer a rare artistic expression. Mass media including singers, artists and several fashion designers have always influenced the popularizing skeletons, skulls and crossbones as a fashion symbol.
Skull clothing and extras bring versatility in fashion. You can just wear them the way you want. You don’t have to follow anything. You can create your own rules and invent new ways to express yourself. Skull clothing and accessories is the fashion today and wearing it makes you relevant to what is trending around.
You can wear skull clothing and accessories in variety of ways, from a totally Goth look to classic outfit with a slight touch of grunge. Everything is acceptable as long as you know how to carry yourself and are sensitive towards what clicks and what doesn’t. Since literally there is no rule set on a rock, you don’t need to limit yourself to a certain look or style, but of course, to an extent depends on the occasion.
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It appears, starting last year, the fashion of skull clothing and accessories has once again made a huge comeback. But then if you look at the contents of fashion magazines, websites, videos, celebrities, fashion stars or style based television programs, you will know that they have always been there. Actually in fact it has dominated the style landscape from Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren to Target and H&M.
Walking down the lane of Fashion Street you will observe many wearing items bearing skulls. It’s no more Halloween time. In fact we have already past crossed the winter and are in summer. Skull clothing and accessories have become a trending fashion. By all means it is here to stay and will continue for all seasons.
Skull clothing and accessories not only reflects attitude of contemporary society but it is increasingly becoming more about celebrity, fashion, beauty and death. Major fashion channels can be seen featuring beautiful models and actors posing as cadavers. Fashion industry seems to be obsessed by skull clothing and accessories.

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