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Understanding the Symbolism in Skull Rings

Men who wear skull rings are usually not on the fringes of society. They often have a very rebellious and free-spirited personality. They claim their freedom via flashy and, sometimes, extremely unique jewelry.


However, many people don't understand the symbolic meaning behind skull rings. Some people believe that they represent the rebellious nature of the youth of today, while others see them as a fashion statement or as a way to draw attention to the face. Some even believe that the wearing of such a ring symbolizes the death of the spiritual part of their lives, so that they believe that the wearer must now practice their religion with ritual sacrifice. While there's no definite answer to the question 'Why wear skull rings?' At this point in time there's no doubt that many people view them as a fashion statement or as a way to show their inner rebel without having to actually go through any sort of internal changes.

 Skull Demon Heart Gothic Ring

Regardless of what your personal beliefs are for the meaning of skull rings, it's important that you know that they do indeed have deep symbolic ties to several different cultures. Most indigenous cultures have used them as symbols or as a form of identification among the tribes. Today, many people wear skull jewelry as a fashion statement as well, so it's important to know what your symbolism has behind you.

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