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The Punisher and Skulls

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The Punisher is best known as the Marvel superhero that shoots at everyone in the face in the face because of his penchant for everybody. We believe he should be called the Marvel superhero because we believe skulls look cool.

We think it's because of all the heroes out there, the costume of the Punisher is absolutely the most practical. Along with being a real set of street clothes, which are much more easy to walk around and punch against criminals in, the costume of the Punisher is a stroke of genius that is psychological. The skull that the Punisher paints across his torso each and every evening.

We do not mean that the skull on the front is artistic or something boring like this, we mean that the skull does stop him from being shot in the face as he shoot-kicks his way to a crack house. You see, the massive white skull isn't only intimidating because of it indicating the Punisher killed a giant to find the proportions right, in addition, it causes criminals to automatically shoot straight at it, leaving the Punisher's face, comparatively bullet and debris free.

In more direct terms, when offenders see that large white skull on the Punisher's torso, the sign of punishment and a sign they are going to have their ribs become as rare and difficult to find as ivory, they shoot at it instead of the guy attached to it. Which is dumb since hate and the necks that are broken powers the man, but hey, criminals are dumb. This is also the exact same reason Batman has a giant yellow bat on the front of his costume even though he prides himself on being a master of stealth with years of ninja training, to create bad guys shoot at the most armoured, heavily shielded portion of his suit first.

As you have probably guessed from the fact that The Punisher spends 80 percent of his time wiping brain matter from the sole of his shoe and another 20 percent of the time putting it there, his chest is covered in armor that we are going to suspect is ripped straight from the sides of tanks.

This means, the big skull on the chest of the Punisher is an emblem, it is an invitation for criminals where he knows it will not hurt to take him. If you see somebody wearing a Punisher T-shirt, additionally, it means, you should punch them in the tit to see like a fan would, if they wearing body armor.

In addition to this, in ancient Punisher comics every individual tooth of the skull has doubled up as a spare magazine for whichever weapon the Punisher is presently using to perforate criminal lungs and livers. Sadly, this also means as the Punisher reloads, he runs the risk of his signature ability looking like a goofy, buck-toothed parody rather than the sort of thing which makes offenders shit themselves to death in fear, but that's the chance of appearing fantastic.

The Punisher's costume is custom designed, he invites anybody if they do not think it's rad enough to try shooting at it and as many bullets as possible. Odds are you've seen his emblem: a skull on a black background, if you are not familiar with Marvel's vigilante, the Punisher. Showing up as tattoos on unit patches; spray-painted on vehicles, buildings, and equipment; and in Afghanistan and Iraq, the skull could have greater renown among service members, particularly than the character.

Aka Frank Castle, the Punisher, is Vietnam War veteran and a Force Reconnaissance Marine, though in issues his service has become nebulous, hinting at the character's participation in recent conflicts. After his family's death, he dons the guise of the Punisher, who gives justice to his aims in the shape of death. Wearing all black with a white skull the emblem usually.

The skull of the Punisher has appeared all over the place, especially. The Punisher as a personality is a bit of a Rorschach test in that as time has passed since his creation, we have gone through distinct cultural eras and through every one of those the character was reinterpreted to reflect the concerns of society, with regard to the ending of the Vietnam War and how many veterans have been miss treated when they arrived home.

The Punisher first appeared in 1974 in "The awesome Spider-Man #129" and since that time has changed radically, with his army service appearing less as an addendum to the personality, and much more like an essential part of the Punisher's individuality.

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