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Skulls and The Fashion World

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The fashion world is daring and nothing is too contentious for it. Probably, thanks to this, death was so eagerly invited to the fashion world. We can guarantee you that death with a scythe's picture is the fashion hit! In contrast to the institutions concerning the passage of time, it isn't going anywhere.

Among the themes except skeletons and bones, are skulls. This emblem remains at the top for many.... centuries! Yes, you have heard centuries. People have used it to frighten people! It' among the most significant trend in the fashion world. The emblem, which dropped a bit of its original meaning have become popular.

Clothing, rings, bracelets, necklace jewellery and tattoos. There is A skull an element of the layout. We can see it in paintings, pictures or as gadgets (also with diamonds) or home accessories. Things inspired by people and animals are trendy. Even style has this motif -- a skull. Everything can be found from the skull subject: rompers, slippers, pyjamas, jumpers, sweatshirts, bed sheets or even infant slings and nobody is surprised.

How did it occur that skull became an integral part of pop culture and among the most iconic and important element of the fashion world?

Among other things, skulls have got a rich history and lots of symbolic meanings that are the insignia of inevitableness. 'Memento mori'. We do not consider death. We've got the belief that it will not be our problem for quite a long time and does not concern us. We see them only, if we see people. However there is always a thought in our mind about it. Fashion is a part of culture, which reflects disposition, such as the deeply ones, it uses symbolism for functions.

Now, skulls owe their massive popularity primary to the designer Alexander McQueen who inspired his functions with macabre elements of morals and habits but also fancy solutions. Witches pirates, witches and extravagance were the elements of his functions. It is all that a skull subject moved from being a part of subcultures into the mainstream trends. In 2003, a scarf, about was made by McQueen. Skull in vogue was quickly popularised and picked up by celebrities e.g. Gwen Stefani, bike and street gangs whose life was beating to the rhythm of rap music and movie industry.

Similar to Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean", individuals who wear skull-printed tattoos or clothes are manifesting their sharp individualism. They enjoy their life and laugh at the Grim Reaper, but bearing in mind that some things in life like taxation are sure.

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