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Skulls and Rock Stars

No rock star could be found in public without a minimum of one skull on his person in metal. Who began the skull fad? Some Say Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones that has sported a skull ring since way back, it is attributed by many from the rock world. Each and every musician in roll and rock wears a skull in one manner or another.

The trend for skull jewelry has died down a little in the past couple decades, but skulls continue to be a favorite of rock celebrities, from from Steven Tyler to Axel Rose. Symbols predates trend. The skull is a stone staple, it comes in the picture of the pirate and that has been in existence for centuries. It is a picture of being somebody who lives life, a rebel, an outlaw.

It's difficult not to find that skulls are a flirtation with death. There is no doubt although rumors of Keith Richards and his debauchery are exaggerated. At the seventies that were decadent that he had been detained five times.

Aerosmith was another instance of rock-and-roll excess. Steven Tyler underwent rehabilitation in 1986 for heroin and alcohol dependency and members of the group followed suit. Tyler stayed clean for decades but didn't abandon his ways. Back in 2009, he split with Aerosmith and hurt himself falling off the stage, and went back to rehab to kick an addiction. He went back with the group on tour, last year. 

After a couple of years of punk and rock, sporting a skull is now a sign of survival although not only a sign of rebellion. Guitarist Dave Navarro has earned the skulls he has all over his body, with pulling himself from heroin addiction at least once. It is probably not easy staying clean being on tour. He is going to hit on the circuit again. Jane's Addiction has a record Due out this year.

Because the skull symbol is traceable back into tombs of the 4th century the rockers choose as their bands symbol. The skull looks throughout the devil, in addition to Christianity correlated with saints and crucifix.

Assuming as do Harley riders, rockers find themselves as pirates the skull are a type of hazard sign. Flags were a deterrent back in days. When that flag was seen by them, pirates had a bad reputation and boats surrendered without a struggle.

We're all flirting with death within this era that is health-conscious. Perhaps snakes and skulls allure into our datker sides? Or perhaps we discover that picture of the rocker is to hard to resist. While you indulge this dream, bear in mind: The skull flag was used as a warning.

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