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Skull Gothic Home Decor

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Home Decor

The style of Gothic skulls has been around for many years, but the sudden rise in popularity took place fifty years ago when sailors dating foreign women began to paint their faces with a skull. Skulls then became popular not only with alternative cultures but also with corporate companies. You can even purchase fabric by the yard to add a unique touch to your Halloween outfit. If you're not sure how to go about creating your own skull Gothic look, this article will show you some simple steps to make your home as spooky as possible.

Dark colors

Decorating with a skull theme in your home can be a great way to let your tween's personality shine through. It's easy to incorporate skull artwork and skull jewelry into your decor. But remember not to go overboard. A good rule of thumb is to keep the overall look from being too dark. If you're unsure how much skull decor to buy, read these tips from Ryan Jones, a decorator at The Spruce.

Shaded colors

Decorating with skulls can be as simple as placing them on a book stack or coffee table. You can even use them as decorative bookends. You can also find other skull decor elements to incorporate into your home. Read on to learn how to incorporate skulls into your decor. Listed below are some tips to create a skull-themed room. These accents are not only fun to look at but they also have practical uses.

Bright colors

If you love bright colors, you can wear skull-inspired clothing and accessories. While the dark colors of the skull Gothic style are calming, bright blue and purple will stir up your creative side. While purple is a rarely-found hue in nature, it is associated with royalty, nobility, prestige, majesty and mystery. They call for creative thinking. These colors also evoke a sense of mystery and magic.


If you are looking for a Gothic Skull Wallpaper for your desktop, you've come to the right place. Browse our collection of 61 of the best images to add a little bit of Gothic style to your home screen. Whether you want a skull on your desktop or a Gothic-themed mobile theme, you'll find it here. You can also find skulls for tablets and mobile phones. The only thing you need to do is to click on the link below and you'll have your own unique wallpaper.

The skulls in this wallpaper are beautifully scripted. There's also a flocked base beneath it that changes color when you walk past it. The wallpaper also comes in a variety of colorways, making it possible to choose a look for any part of your home that suits your style. Be careful when choosing skull wallpaper, however. Some can be quite ugly, so be sure to choose carefully. You'll be glad you did.

Home decor

To add the finishing touch to your home decor, consider adding some home accessories that reflect the Gothic theme. You can decorate your walls with skulls and other Gothic items, such as the Mortimer the Crow. This artificial bird is based on the skull of a Texas Longhorn bull. These ornaments can be enhanced with string lights and come in gold and black. Astorga suggests adding some music gear to your living room shrine. In addition, you can create a witchy scene around your entertainment room, like the bedroom or living room.

If you aren't comfortable decorating with skulls, you can always do DIY projects. You can make your own skull-themed bookends or use them as decorative items on a coffee table or a tray. You can also use skull-inspired decor in other parts of your home, like a decorative vase or a wall clock. It's fun to incorporate these pieces into everyday decor. There's a skull home decor item that will fit in any style.

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