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Gothic Fashion

Goth fashion has many different styles, each with its own distinctive traits. Often, you'll find a particular style emphasized by a specific color or material. You may have seen the Vampire style, for example, which emphasizes dramatic features, vibrant red colors, and white skin. Some styles also include leather pants and camisoles. A few Gothic fashion ideas may even come from other cultures. You can incorporate some of these ideas into your own wardrobe to create an original look.

Gothic fashion was influenced by ancient and pagan cultures. The men's clothing was dark, leather and velvet, and often featured long, ruffled shirts. The men wore dark, flat boots. Hairstyles were also very dark. Women wore their hair loose while men tied it up. Some men wore a bob haircut with bangs. Gothic clothing generally featured mature cuts and silhouettes and was often DIY'd.

Victorian Gothic style was influenced by Victorian fashion. It was popular in the late 1800s and favored long, mourning clothing. Unlike punk-style clothing, Victorian goth style favored damask and velvet. Victorian goth fashion is also associated with the Bauhaus movement. This style is often described as a counterpoint to modern, urban fashion. For those who prefer a more classic look, there are some notable designers who influenced the subculture.

Gothic fashion was often characterized by black clothing, with a mixture of dark colors. Some Goths incorporated a bit of scarlet or purple into their clothing. High-heeled, pointed-toed shoes paired with black gloves and boots are other goth fashion staples. Gothic fashion is also associated with dark makeup and body parts that are highlighted through the use of lace, spiked belts, piercings, and metal.

The earliest examples of Gothic fashion were pioneered by Theda Bara. She is considered to be America's first goth, and is credited with inventing the term "vamp." Theda Bara, a popular silent film actress, wore black clothing, creepers, winklepickers, and backcombed hair. In addition to her role as America's first goth, she also influenced the revival of deathrock in the UK.

In the early 2000s, the Gothic look made its way into the catwalk. Alexander McQueen was one of the first world-renowned designers to aspire to the goth look, with his Birds, Hunger, and Shining collections. The collection featured black lace, puffy skirts, and ruffled blouses, which many fashion critics regarded as reminiscent of Victorian period drama. It was a huge hit, and influenced many designers.

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