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Fashion trends have defined the day and age that they are borne off. Counter-culture trends have been equally influential and often more impactful. The Goth subculture of the late 90’s and early 2000’s was group of like-minded rebellious teens who had an affinity with the morbid. Death was the taboo, in the excessive consumption era which exuded the mantra: live like there is no tomorrow.

The skull inspired fashion is a vestige of the almost extinct Goth sub-culture. While originally a symbol for teenage angst and social deviance, it is now a celebrated part of the mainstream fashion. The skull motif has lost all of its rebellious morbidity and now has become a trendy fashion symbol that adorns any item that you can think of. In the recent past, aside for the Goth movement, skull jewelry and prints had become an integral part of the hip-hop and R&B culture. This change in trend from lonely white kids to aspiring black gangsters still retained its edgy and apparently anti-social feel, and thrived as a fringe fashion. Skull pendants and necklaces came in vogue and with the passage of time, large and oversized designs were replaced my smaller more subdued medallions, like the ones that are trending today.

Skull prints are hip and happening. While a heyday Goth might barf in his own mouth at the sight of their beloved symbol being desecrated by the happy-go-lucky consumerists, designers have embraced the obsession with skulls and bones wholeheartedly. You can finds somber skull rings and bracelets adorned the hands of not just teens but adults. Skull prints are now common on blouses, pants, underwear and even blazers.

Skull fashion still required validation from haute couture to go big in a mainstream market. Alexander McQueen obliged gladly. He was one of the first designers to pick up on this style, with innovative and aesthetically pleasing skull prints on his outfits and they quickly became all the rage and soon became an essential part of the urban design for young adults. The accessories became somewhat more popular and still continue to sell out hundreds of pieces, for example his silk scarf with skull prints, is a best seller to this day.

Skull symbolism has been around for a long time, once it was detached with its apparently negative connotations, it became malleable for distinct expression. Now elements like humor, biking culture, skateboard culture have indelibly incorporated the skull symbolism as their identity.

You may have heard of the hip new electronic accessories manufacturer Skullcandy who has used the skull in a refreshing way that promotes skateboarding and its associated fads. Their products are recognizable from a distance with their distinctive skull logos. For more formal trends, manufactures tend to include their serious outfits with skull buttons, skull studs or skull buckles. There is literally no article of clothing that can escape from being ‘skulled-up’.

Halter tops with skull cut out backs have become increasingly pervasive and are a fashion must in the summer. While some may find it over the top, teens have adorned themselves in it for the season. Skull fashion is here to stay, and the sooner you make peace with it, the sooner you can enjoy it.

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